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11 May 2022

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Getting to Canberra

Owner Operator Neil Hermes discusses various ways of getting to Canberra – whether for a day trip, or an extended holiday – Canberra is perfectly situated between Sydney, Melbourne, and even the snowfields. Call 0408 483 770 to book tours and trips in Canberra and other destinations in Australia.

Fly direct from Canberra on our daily domestic services to Brisbane, Gold Coast, Newcastle, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, and Perth. The Canberra Guided Tours draw upon decades of combined experience in Canberra to guide our clients through traveling and tours. Discover the answers to some of your questions on how to get to Canberra.

Flying to Canberra

Canberra Airport is currently flying to 12 domestic destinations, Perth, Darwin, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Cairns, Port Macquarie, Hobart, Sydney, Adelaide, Melbourne, and Newcastle.

It’s a major airport that is only around a 15-minute drive from the major hotels in the centre of the city. 

Canberra also has daily flights from the major capital cities of Australia such as Melbourne, and Sydney. There are flight services from Virgin and Qantas.

Driving to Canberra via Sydney or Melbourne

Canberra is approximately 3.5 hours from Sydney by road and 6-7 hours from Melbourne. Both of the roads going to Canberra are high quality, dual carriage, interstate highways. 

If you’re an international traveler, by road is a good way to see the countryside. You can depart in a rental car of your choice or in your own car. 

Taking different routes by road to explore Australia is a good choice if you’re feeling adventurous. Furthermore, driving around Canberra is relatively easy due to high-quality roads.

Taking the Train from Sydney to Canberra

If you’re someone who enjoys train travel, the distance between Sydney and Canberra by train is six hours. The train is a daily service so travel on your chosen day.

Commuting on a Bus to Canberra

Regular bus services out of Sydney are available every hour. If you want to see the landscape without tiring yourself, traveling by bus is a good option, too!

This is also a convenient service if you’re traveling into or out of Sydney because the bus service links to Sydney Airport.

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